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What a wicked addition to your potion collection. This colour changing potion is Madame Green’s Poison Apple Extract.

10.3 cm / 100 ml

These potions are handcrafted by Of The Fae in Melbourne, Australia.

Each potion is crafted with the finest magickal ingredients from around the world and next realm.

Your potion bottle will be made of glass, so care just be taken.

Each potion has their own unique colour combination, changing when you tip, shake, roll or flip the bottle gentle. The potion if left will settle back to its original colour.

Warning and Care:

- These vials serve as decoration, as a mindfulness or calming tool or can be used as potion play and are NOT to be ingested.

-Parental Supervision Required

-Do not leave in direct sunlight, or near a heat source

- Since all of our magickal potions are handmade, there may be some small difference in liquid colour, swirl, wax seal drip etc but I do my very best to keep them all consistent.

-Adding other items will change the potion make up and may change the magickal effect.

-Colour may cause staining

-Potion may cause irritation to sensitive skin

-Glow Potions are recommended to stay sealed. In order to charge potions, allow a strong light uv source to be near the potion. Each Glow Potion has 7000 hours of glow.

-while some Liquid Potion ingredients are biodegradable, there are a couple of potions that contain non biodegradable items. ( The Mermaid Kelp and Pond Scum Potion)

-Small parts may cause a choking hazard

Poison apple extract

$15.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
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