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​                            Welcome to Of The Fae, home of the Sufflo Ⓡ ,exquisite Forever Friend heirloom Faes, magickal potions and potion accessories that are truly one of a kind.

Our creations blend magic and craftsmanship to bring you unique companions imbued with enchantment.

Dive into our collection of magick potions, meticulously brewed to awaken your senses and stir your soul.

Explore our array of potion play ingredients and accessories, designed to elevate your magical journey. Embrace the enchantment and discover a world where imagination knows no bounds. ​​ 


We create beautiful OOAK handmade  heirloom keepsake Fae's, using quality, Eco-friendly materialsThey are filled with love and magic. Every detail specific to each Fae and their story.

Detailing is multi layered, from hand painted watercolour and hand embroidery to a layer of fabric markers to create a real depth and character.Every heirloom Fae comes with her own wax sealed personal letter, that gives the new carer a short story and some details about their new Forever Fae.

All Magical Faes come with beautiful but delicate bendable wings, a little bag or pouch containing fae dust and a small crystal.

Original size is approximately 40-43 cms in length.   

Large size is approximately 60-64cms in length.

With a choice of Elements and skin tone.Our Faeries and Pixies are eco friendly, using 100% high thread count cotton, 100% merino wool felt, eucalyptus fibre.

Eucalyptus fibre is a 100% plant-based fibre and fully biodegradable and is sold as loose, carded fill.  It is created through the fementation of the wood pulp and the fibre extracted.  It has exceptional natural characteristics for absorbency, hygiene and temperature regulation. Eucalyptus fibre is a highly efficient insulator, helping to keep you warm in cool weather and cool in warm weather. It is naturally hypoallergenic, thanks to its natural moisture management characteristics.Because it releases moisture so quickly, it is very difficult for dust mites, bacteria, mildew and other common allergens to breed. Eucalyptus fibre also has a remarkable environmental profile. It is extracted from fast-growing, sustainably forested eucalyptus trees. Unlike cotton, eucalyptus requires little water to grow and thrives on marginal land unsuitable for agriculture.​​​   ​ 

Our Potions and Potion Play Ingredients are created from biodegradable and eco friendly materials. Great for lovers of witches, wizards, and fairies.

The Sufflo Ⓡ is a special character we created that comes from the Fae realm. Available in two sizes and it even has a special companion book with an adoption certificate.

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