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Ella's Enchantments

Where magic meets self love.


Introducing Ella’s Enchantments, a magical haven born from the imagination and passion of nine-year-old Ella, who believes in the power of magic and self-love. Inspired by her fascination with enchanting worlds and the importance of nurturing oneself, Ella’s Enchantments offers a captivating array of beautiful, magical, and natural products designed to inspire self-care rituals filled with wonder and joy. Each creation is a testament to Ella’s boundless creativity and unwavering belief in the transformative magic of self-love. Step into a world where imagination meets self-care, and let Ella’s Enchantments guide you on a journey of enchantment and self-discovery.

Find her current range available in our shop.

-Fairy and Mermaid Fizzy Soaks

-Siren's Kiss Lip Balm- Peppermint or Vanilla

-Wood Elf Healing Balm- For Bumps & Bruises

-Nixie Lip Scrub- Peppermint or Vanilla

-Pixie Balm Solid Perfume- Happy or Calm

-Witches Brew Shower Steamer -Breath and Calm

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