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Born from prisms in the Fae Realm they come…

Introducing our magickal new hand made addition to the Of The Fae Family, the Sufflo Ⓡ.

Their magick is a special gift, known only to those with kind hearts. When you need it most, the Sufflos will share their comforting magic.

They love sharing in your adventures and being in nature with your Little’s.

Our Sufflo’s come in two sizes with the option for with lavender inside or without:



We have also written and illustrated a beautiful companion book, When you adopt a Sufflo, Here’s what you need to know.

A perfect short story for your Little’s that includes the official adoption certificate for your Sufflo.

Don't miss the chance to bring the enchantment of Sufflos into your life. Adopt one today, and let the magick of these remarkable creatures fill your world with joy and wonder!

While Sufflo’s are great for Little’s of all ages we do remind parents that it does contain small items inside that are considered choking hazards.

( safety eyes have been used)

Colour order on Sufflos can differ.

Sufflo Ⓡ

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